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Margate flood resilience and bulk earthworks advisory
Margate Flood Resilience and Bulk Earthworks Advisory

Uniting Care

Unlocking saleability and site value in the face of complex site constraints via sophisticated, influential scheme navigation. 

Engaged by Uniting Care, Infinitum Partners developed a strategic approach to dealing with Flood Resilience and Bulk Earthworks for a complex site located at the coastal locality of Margate, 40 minutes north of Brisbane.

Infinitum Partners were tasked to identify, design, and drive a new planning pathway that would overcome an ongoing inability to sell the otherwise idyllic seaside site. High flood risk and policy complexity had plagued the owner’s ability to dispose of what was otherwise a no-core asset surplus to their operational requirements.   

Infinitum Partners conceived a clever client approach, commencing with early council communication around unlocking site value. When a planning scheme amendment came into effect, the Drainage Investigation Area designation was removed. Infinitum Partners worked quickly to optimise this and engaged engineers to develop a flood resilience and earthworks strategy that successfully overcame flood hazard constraints via the creation of two circa 3,000m2 development sites, with a central flood drainage channel.

Using the engineers’ findings, Infinitum Partners obtained council support for a variation to the planning scheme and effect of the flood hazard overlay code which ultimately unlocked future development potential and importantly the client’s ability to dispose of the site.

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