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BallyCara Strategic Visioning

BallyCara Strategic Visioning


A catalyst, future-focused planning approach, aligning growth and unlocking value for an evolved site and organisational direction.

Infinitum Partners, were engaged by BallyCara, a not-for-profit, aged-care, and in-community services provider to lead the realisation of the organisation’s future direction.

Using their flagship Scarborough land holding and facility as a catalyst site for broader group change and growth, Infinitum Partners built and led a team of project specific specialists Hyper Locale, Red Door Architecture and Byrne Urban Design.

A multi-stage, multi-disciplinary discovery process was initiated to understand BallyCara’s initial intentions, to evolve and align internal and external thinking around site and service possibilities, and optimise these insights into a future-focused strategy for the site as part of overall organisational growth aspirations.

The process involved multiple workshops with the BallyCara team, surveys, an optioneering process, and the development and delivery of multiple reports and sequencing strategies.

Whilst project works continue, Infinitum Partners in tandem with the project team remain committed to supporting the evolution of BallyCara’s operations, spatially, socially and economically, so the Scarborough site can become a beacon for an overall elevation in offering and lifestyles for their residents, clients and surrounding local community.

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