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Community Consultations for Key Projects
Community consultation for key projects in Blackwater, Central Qld.

Central Highlands Regional Council

Designing the full engagement program to ensure diversity of views are captured and used to inform the future of three critical projects – median strip upgrade, All Abilities Park and Dempsey Park. 

Infinitum Partners prepared and delivered the full engagement program for three critical projects for the community of Blackwater. These projects; median strip upgrade, future of the All-Abilities Park and the improvement to Dempsey Park had all received much community comment over the years. Whilst each unique in their own right, synergies across the three were evident and therefore combining the engagement made sense.

Various methods were used including leasing a vacant space in the local shopping centre for an unmanned pop-up space where community could come and have their say. Further an intensive three-day in-town visit was undertaken which saw students from across the three local schools come together to actively participate in the future of the spaces. Information sessions and pop-ups in the parks were also deployed. A month-long consultation was decided to ensure that all those who wanted could have a chance to contribute. A key across all activities were the use of large-scale walkable maps. 

The feedback gained will inform how committed capital budget funding would be used to ensure that the physical outcomes in these spaces meet community expectations.

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