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Draper Rural Residential Subdivision

Draper Rural Residential Subdivision

Timms Group

Strategically aligned interests and optimised environmental benefit.

Infinitum Partners are engaged by the Timms Group to deliver a development application for a rural residential subdivision in Draper.

The current planning scheme provides limited opportunity for the subdivision of the subject site to occur. Working in immersive collaboration with council, Infinitum Partners developed a strategy to seek support for a development approval, by significantly enhancing the site’s unique environmental characteristics and aligning with council’s new and evolving policy approach.

These site improvements will create nett environmental benefits, and at a sub-regional scale. Central to this is the clever connection of several council projects currently underway in the general area. In addition, significant upgrades are proposed for community and environmental infrastructure situated along a denuded, yet highly significant stretch of waterway.

Aligning interests, and brokering shared benefits that created significant environmental upside, was key to early stage works for this project.

This project demonstrates Team IP’s commitment to shared and lasting value creation for clients such as The Timms Group, and the communities in which they develop. And, it’s just one example of how alternative, collaborative DA strategies that appeal to multiple stakeholder interests can often achieve greater success than those approaches that seek approval using isolated interests and tactics.

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