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Exemplar infill development – Petrie

Exemplar infill development – Petrie

Timms Group

Deriving value, brokering interests, and clarifying planning pathways for critical Infill opportunities.

The Timms Group engaged Infinitum Partners to prepare a development strategy for a key infill opportunity at Petrie, in Queensland’s Moreton Bay.

Historically the site was a significant part of the local reticulated water and sewer treatment and supply network. In addition, there were a range of added complexities to consider, relating to site infrastructure, easements, and environment.

Due to this, Infinitum Partners knew that working closely with adjoining owners would be an early, critical focus for project commencement and final success.

Team IP strategised and spearheaded sensitive, well considered negotiations with council regarding land acquisition, alternative land uses, infrastructure, easements, and access.

Now, Infinitum Partners are continuing with project works, leading a hand-curated project team to deliver an exemplar infill development opportunity, from concept design to development application, construction to delivery.

To date, Infinitum Partners have strategically unlocked the Petrie Site’s complex infill development as an opportunity via specialised solutions and an ongoing commitment to strategic value creation. And, at a time where housing availability and choice has never been more important for the future of our communities.

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