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Fairfield Homemaker Centre Stage Six large format retail
Fairfield Homemaker Centre Stage Six Development – Large Format Retail 

Geon Property

Ongoing success for an ongoing client via bespoke, robust and responsive development application delivery.

Infinitum Partners were engaged to design and deliver a bespoke development application for Stage 6 of Townsville’s Fairfield Homemaker Centre, a large format retail development of long time, ongoing and valued client, Geon Property.

The large format homemaker centre development is located along a state-controlled road, railway corridor, and subject to high flood risk. The proposal included three large format showroom buildings, a retail space, several food and drink outlets, and separate advertising pylon which required its own additional development application.

Given the location, risks and variety of uses proposed for the site, Infinitum Partners understood that a thorough, well considered, and comprehensive approach to the development application was required. Together with consulting engineers, a comprehensive flood impact assessment report and detailed traffic impact assessment report was developed for critical use in the final development application.

The collaboration and collective knowledge and experience of the IP team achieved successful council approval of Stage 6: Fairfield Homemaker Centre and associated advertising pylon, enabling the next stage of development, marking the ongoing success of this large-scale project.

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