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Landsborough Subdivision and Childcare Centre
Landsborough Subdivision and Childcare Centre – Development Application

Meshed Holdings

A pioneering approach to achieving new development validation on a complex site, formerly facing negative local perception. 

MDE Property Infinitum Partners to design and deliver a development application for a residential subdivision and childcare centre on a complex environmental site in Landsborough, a locality west of Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast region.

The site is located at a key gateway entry point to the hinterland and subject to impact assessment due to an underlying residential zoning. The site also brought with it a development history steeped in negative local response, with previous proposals for development rejected by community and council alike.

Infinitum Partners knew the proposed subdivision and childcare centre project approach must first work to address not only the complexities of the site, but also expectations of the community.

Infinitum Partners achieved this by appointing a hand curated mix of expert technical consultants to gather locally relevant insights and evidence to support and underpin a comprehensive and well-made development application.

Infinitum Partners enabled this proposal to proceed by facilitating an off market transaction, and then undertook all of the planning and development advisory services from project initiation through to development approval.

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