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park ridge residential land subdivision
Residential Land Subdivision

Park Ridge Developments

Unpacking complexity to identify purposeful planning pathways.

Infinitum Partners were engaged by real estate development group, Park Ridge Developments, to lead and manage the delivery of an urban residential subdivision involving several significant land holdings at Park Ridge in Queensland’s City of Logan.

Prior to Infinitum Partners involvement the subject site had a chequered history, with an extensive application and pre-lodgement context, which reflected a historic negative reception by council.

The Infinitum Partners team identified quickly that a more strategic, evidence-based approach to address the issues plaguing early engagement would be required to deliver a positive outcome for the client.

Extensive due diligence and ongoing pre-lodgement discussions were undertaken early in the process, and included a comprehensive analysis of previous applications, site constraints and client goals. This work was invaluable in the formation and delivery of a more robust, targeted DA strategy.

Working in close collaboration with the project team to prepare an initial masterplan for use in pre-lodgement discussions, successfully gave council – and the client, increased certainty around the proposed lot configurations, built form outcomes and dwelling typologies to gain support for an agreed  way forward.

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