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rasmussen service station, food and drink
Rasmussen Service Station, Food and Drink Outlet – Development Application

GEON Property

Breaking development barriers with a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to achieving approval.

Infinitum Partners were engaged by client and ongoing partner, GEON Property to drive the success of a unique, multifaceted development application seeking approval for a new service station and food and drink outlet in Rasmussen, Townsville.

The site posed a series of challenges requiring thoughtful planning solutions, located in a medium density residential zone along a major state-controlled road. Council further identified the proposal was located on the site of a historically significant hotel, another barrier for project progression.

Infinitum Partners worked hard to identify a planning pathway that would result in development approval and engaged a specialist archaeologist to deliver a detailed cultural heritage report that unequivocally proved the former hotel was not located on the site.

The extent and depth of detail garnered by the team via a range of technical studies and reports created a compelling picture of the overwhelming merits of the proposal.

Ultimately, all planning barriers were agreed and removed via successful early negotiation with key stakeholders, and a detailed and well evidenced Development Application that provided both regulator and client satisfaction to proceed and ultimately gain approval.

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