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Stage 2 Riverway Plaza Shopping Centre Development Application

Stage 2 Riverway Plaza Shopping Centre Development Application

Charlie Manolis C/- Geon Property

Rolling development approvals achieved via an ongoing client commitment and a deepening site knowledge.

Infinitum Partners were engaged to prepare, lodge and manage a development application for Stage 2 of Townsville’s Riverway Plaza Shopping Centre, a continuation of prior project work with valued co-clients, Charlie Manolis and Geon Property.

Riverway Plaza shopping centre is located on a major sub arterial road, in the rapidly expanding Rasmussen-Kelso growth corridor. Development Approval for the Stage 2 expansion was critical, not just for the client to progress, but to meet increasing local needs via the addition of a second full-line supermarket, specialty retail stores and associated car parking areas.

Infinitum Partners historic involvement on several applications for the centre enabled a contemporary, instant and detailed understanding of the key matters that required focus for lodgement. Armed with this information, and working in collaboration with an expansive consultant team, Infinitum Partners lodged a comprehensive development application.

The collective knowledge of the IP team and expert guidance of their technical specialist’s team ensured expeditious success, obtaining unquestioned council approval for the development to proceed, securing ongoing client success.

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