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Weststate private hospital heritage precinct

Weststate private hospital heritage precinct – development application

Woollam Construction

Automatic approval to progress with a critical health development via specialised response to heritage constraints and project delays.

Woollam Construction engaged Infinitum Partners to prepare a development application for alterations to the Westgate Private Hospital, an adaptive reuse proposal for the former Townsville Westend State School, an important heritage site located in North Queensland and the gateway to Townsville’s CBD.

Issues had emerged during construction surrounding the heritage status and plans to incorporate the school as part of the evolution of the site. Further approvals were required to proceed with development, yet the level of complexity involved in site changes posed lengthy project delays and threatened overall project progression.

Infinitum Partners commenced work immediately on the development of a comprehensive town planning assessment with the support of a specialist heritage architect. A robust Heritage Impact Report was delivered, and together, the team was able to clearly articulate the alterations to Council and the State Development Referral Agency (SARA), cutting cleanly through the complexities threatening the continuation of the project.

Ultimately, Infinitum Partners achieved the Development Approval. Not only did the process ensure preservation of important site heritage, but also enabled Woollam Construction to resume construction of this critical piece of community infrastructure for the people of Townsville.   

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